Teenagers Learned Agility, Website Development & Job Readiness Skills


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE…August 8, 2016…COSTA MESA, CALIF….Nine students from Early College High School and Estancia High School recently completed the 5 Saturdays workshop in Costa Mesa, which introduced them to Agile principles and technology, such as WordPress to create websites. Resume writing and interviewing skills also were covered during the workshop, which was free to students and met for five consecutive Saturdays.


Students made presentations on the last day of the workshop, August 6, and unveiled their websites, which focused on Pokémon, fashion, and skateboards. Students earned Associate Agility Team Leader certifications, as well as community service hours for their participation. Two high school students, who had participated last year, earned Agility Team Leader certification this summer.


Dr. David Martinez, principal at Early College High School, said the 5 Saturdays program is an invaluable supplement to the school’s curriculum. “I am proud of the students for taking on this program and furthering themselves as individuals,” Dr. Martinez said. “The biggest investment they will make in their lives is in themselves, and the 5 Saturdays program will help them expand and grow towards that end.”


“We are pleased to have completed another workshop with students from Early College High School and Estancia High School,” said Dr. Dave Cornelius, founder of 5 Saturdays. “We are passionate about investing in the next generation and teaching them Agile and Scrum skills, as well as exposing them to technology,” Dr. Cornelius said. “But students also need to be able to write a resume and be prepared for interviews, so we include job readiness skills to help them succeed. Also, I am proud to say that this year we had two returning students who wanted to continue to learn, but also wanted to share their experiences with their peers. That says a lot about how the students value their participation and experiences.”


Dr. Cornelius also noted that two elementary school students joined the workshop with their parents, whom served as learning facilitators. “The elementary students who attended responded very well to the material and easily assimilated with the older students. They especially liked the website development instruction. Their experiences showed us that the 5 Saturdays program can be updated to reach younger students with great success. We look forward to exploring that new pathway.”


About 5 Saturdays

Started in 2013, 5 Saturdays focuses on opening the door for underserved students to a career in information technology and business. Students learn in a collaborative and project-based environment, and are exposed to concepts such as Kanban and user stories that they can use right away to tackle homework or community service activities, and in the future as they move on to college and a career. Teaching is done by industry professionals, coaches, and trainers, who donate their time and serve as learning facilitators. Sponsors for the 2016 include Agile Alliance, Scrum Alliance, Project Insight, and Based in Costa Mesa, 5 Saturdays plans to expand workshops to Los Angeles and San Diego. For information, visit