Design Thinking

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Often times we get these great ideas and believe that they will change the world.  They may come while in the shower or talking a walk to clear your mind.  The reality is your ideas are hypothesis and not well understood.

We will discuss Design Thinking and Design Sprints as a practice to help you validate your hypothesis.  This become more important as you work with larger companies and there is competition for scarce resources.

At the conclusion of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Use new Design Thinking skills to define a customer problem that is worth solving
  • Use techniques to capture insights from customer conversations
  • Share the Story

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Module 1 Design Thinking and Human Centered Design
Unit 1 Design Thinking and Human Centered Design
Module 2 Brainstorming and Ideate with Design Thinking
Unit 1 Ideate with Design Thinking 2.1
Unit 2 State the Problem as a Question. 2.2
Unit 3 Gather Insights. 2.3
Unit 4 Generate Ideas. 2.4
Unit 5 Make Ideas Tangible - Prototype. 2.5
Unit 6 Share the Story. 2.6
Module 3 Test Your Hypothesis
Unit 1 Test Your Hypothesis
Module 4 Reflect, Relate, and Remember
Unit 1 Reflect, Relate, Remember. 5.0
Unit 2 DT-HCD Survey