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The 5 Saturdays Summer Program is unique with providing students to learn STEAM-based skills that are not only vital in the IT and business industries but can be extended to virtually any 21st century career our young people wish to pursue.


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We understand that not every student has the resources to participate in 5 Saturdays – and that those who don’t may actually need it the most. Our scholarship fund also help students going into their freshman year of college.

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Continual Learning Journey Map

Own what you want to learn.  Define what you want to learn and verify if you achieved what you wanted to learn. The Continual Learn Journey Map (CLJM) and Continual Learning Review and Action (CLRA) canvas is tool to help you to self-organize your learning desires.

Job Readiness and Effective Communications

Tell your story with a resume.  Learn the skills to be effective in a job or college entrance interview.  This is a must have skill if you are seeking a job.  Good communications skills are priceless.

Be an Entrepreneur

Validate your business ideas is solid before investing time and money.  The concepts in this course is based on the lean startup framework and lean business canvas that has transformed how we validate startup companies.

Business Financial Acumen

Learn the language of finance to effective run your business. An entrepreneur should understand revenue, expenses, profits, and people to determine the path for growth or to get out of the business venture when it is not profitable.

Core Scrum 101

Learn the foundations of the Scrum Agile practice.  The concepts in this course is based on the Scrum Guide.

Agile Retrospective Techniques

The Agile retrospective is a practice used by teams to reflect on the present way of working and to continually improve how they work and collaborate together.

Agile Software Development Introduction

Learn the foundations of coding using MIT Scratch and Python.

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Introduction to Agile Practices

This is the introduction to Agile practices that include roles, events, and artifacts that allow teams to deliver value faster.  Please Note: We are charging a nominal fee of $10 to take this course.


Design Thinking Course

Design Thinking is an iterative process in which we seek to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding.  Please Note: We are charging a nominal fee of $20 to take this course.

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Learning Facilitators and Student Courses

The 5 Saturdays online courses are designed to provide anytime and anywhere learning experiences to learning facilitators and students. The short videos demonstrate agile practices and technology concepts. These are important skills that can help learning facilitators and students now and in the future. Additional life skills are taught such as servant leadership, job readiness and effective communications, and agility with Scrum and Kanban.


5 Saturdays Scholarship Fund

Would you like to help us introduce more students to Agile life skills, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Job readiness, & effective Communication? Science, Technology, Engineering, Agile, Math (STEAM)!

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Our Work

This unique STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agile, and Math) program emphasizes Agile project-based learning that encourages students to embrace self-directed innovations.
Volunteer professionals serve as learning facilitators and support the student learners to have a positive and productive learning experience during the student workshops.

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Are you interested in to helping underprivileged students discover a career in information technology and take charge of their future? We want to do that by helping you start your own community business enterprise or learning program and create value in your community. Consider starting your own 5 Saturdays Program for architecture, project management or other profession.

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What Can You Do In 5 Saturdays?

In the 5 Saturdays’ workshops, students receive learning experiences that open the door to a career in technology and business. It is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Agile, and Math (STEAM) program that emphasizes agile project-based learning that encourages students to embrace self-directed innovations.

At the conclusion of the 5 Saturdays program, learning facilitators and students are ready to:

  • Practice Agile life skills
  • Communicate and lead
  • Collaborate in a team to develop a self-organized project
  • Innovate with business and technology disciplines
  • Use job readiness skills

Other benefits include:

  • Increased personal confidence to succeed
  • Skills that are transferable to community and work activities
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